+ Salem College Student Center

The Student Center for Salem College is the first new building constructed on campus in 30 years. Designed to echo traditional, 200-year-old Moravian building styles, it is a thoroughly modern building inside, complete with student lounges, a café, bookstore, theater, office space, and meeting rooms. This facility is tracking to achieve LEED Silver certification. To view timelapse video of this building's construction, click here.

This Student Center's exterior was designed to fit within the 200-year-old campus context while providing up-to-date offerings and a variety of uses on the inside.

A large student lounge on the upper level centers around a fireplace.

A lively café off the entry on the upper level opens to a south-facing patio for use in nice weather which can be converted to a coffeehouse / entertainment venue in the evenings.

The café has a quick-service grill, “grab and go” prepared foods, convenience store items and a full service coffee bar.

Interior spaces surround a two-story hall, and this grand staircase connects both levels. At the foot of the stairs, a smaller lounge area forms a lobby space for a small auditorium / theater, and leads to a new college bookstore.

The student bookstore honors the college's tradition with an upper border around the store that highlights their rich history with images of past students and events.