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LAMBERT is a family of diverse individuals with a common goal - helping our clients succeed. We are Architects, Interior Designers, and Interns with a talented Support Staff. LAMBERT is 50% women, and 50% men. We hail from 10+ different colleges and universities, and almost as many states.  We are currently hiring. Check out are careers page for more information and send resumes to


LAMBERT has been given opportunities to work with clients of all sizes and backgrounds. The drop-down menu of our expertise tab highlights recent experience with clients in market sectors from workspace, financial, higher education, and critical facilities, to healthcare, food service, senior living, and interiors. A sample of clients we work with includes:


Wake Forest University

Duke University


Appalachian State University

Davidson College

Salem College and Academy

Novant Health

Bank of North Carolina

Arbor Acres United Methodist Retirement Community

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LAMBERT's use of technology in the office and on the jobsite includes:


3D computer rendering and animation

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Project/Client FTP sites






iPad project punchlists


Integrating our collaborative design process with the latest in proven technologies, LAMBERT reduces our client's time to market and lowers our client's project cost. Improved visual communication with our clients and consultants early on through 3D renderings and animations offers better design solutions. 

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Office Life

In the office, we have a camaraderie based on helping our clients achieve their goals. But we also enjoy dark coffee, a good laugh, learning new things, and, of course, the yearly chili cook-off. The "living room" in the middle of our office is often a collaboration space, but it quickly turns into our own café when we have potlucks and food contests. Have a favorite recipe? We'd love to try it! 

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