LAMBERT Architecture + Interiors Design
+ Norman Stockton Retail Store

As a victim of the 2007-2010 recession, this storied men’s clothing store closed in 2010 after a hundred years in business. Reopening in 2015, the owner, grandson of the store’s founder, says “We’re a 100-year-old store back from a 5-year vacation!” Honoring that history, but with a need to recognize and thrive in the current retail environment, they consolidated into a smaller space that now attractively displays their classic merchandise. 

A carefully curated selection of suits remain, as the schoolhouse lights and rustic brick accent walls harken to the traditional past.

Gone is the lay-in ceiling, fluorescent lights and rows on rows of 3-piece suits of the past.

Time-treasured display tables from the past mingle with up-to-the minute new store displays.

Modern LED lighting highlights more casual wear.

An old photograph of the owner-manager’s grandfather, father and siblings watches over the new cashwrap complete with iPad.

Store advertising and mementos from the past are framed, and accent dressing rooms.