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LIVE in Winston-Salem, home to a diverse population of 200,000. LIVE in the "City of the Arts," home to four colleges and universities, two nationally-ranked healthcare organizations, historic Old Salem, a nationally-recognized film festival and more! LIVE in a community with four distinct seasons, affordable housing, great schools and a vibrant downtown. Come Winston-Salem.

Where to Eat

Winston-Salem's culinary offerings provide something for every palate, from modern and Southern cuisine, to Tex-Mex, Thai, Indian, and Greek. We offer coffee houses, food trucks, food festivals, and a multitude of local wineries. 


Come and sample LAMBERT favorites and make some discoveries of your own (click on the restaurant's name to reach their website):



Cristi (Contract Adminstrator) says:  Downtown Thai

Dana (Accounting) says:  Sweet Potatoes

Melissa (Marketing) says: Willow's Bistro

Stuart (President/Director of Design) says:  The Porch, West End Café, Milner's


Eat Like a Local in Winston-Salem (article)

What to Do

Whether single or married, Winston-Salem offers opportunities to inspire, educate, entertain, exercise, volunteer, or relax.


The "City of the Arts," of course, offers an entire arts district and numerous museums, historic Old Salem, historic homes and gardens, continuing education, and cultural programs at four colleges and universities. Winston-Salem is home to a vibrant, multicultural downtown, numerous parks, and a plethora of passive and active sports venues for all ages.


If you're looking to expand your mind, feed your soul, build your body, or simply be entertained, the staff at LAMBERT suggests some options (click the name of the venue to reach their website):


Martha (Accounting) says:  Artist's Walk Downtown

Melissa (Marketing) says:  Reynolda Village


Stuart (President/Director of Design) says:  Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art


Micah (Architectural Intern) says:  Old Salem

Cristi (Contract Administrator) says:  Sawtooth Galleries


Visit Winston-Salem website


Visit our town in real-time on Winstagram!



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